Even though we started Computer Repair Services just 26 years ago, our history goes back to the mid 80's with, and for those who can remember back then, the original 8088 IBM P.C., thru the 286, 386, 486s' and the plethora of today's wide range of Intel Pentium and AMD /Athlon based systems.

This makes Computer Repair Services, one of the longest established business in the Winston Salem, North Carolina area for computer sales and service. With our experienced 25+ years of service, using the latest technology we can provide our customers with  fast turnaround. Our technicians can perform just about anything from building you a custom P.C. to replacing motherboards, hard drives & any other gadget or gizmo that connects to a computer.

We have a policy of "TELL IT LIKE IT IS ", in layman's language, without the confusing acronyms often banded about to confuse the average user.

There is no beating around the bush & claims to be able to do things we can't do. Many local companies claim to be able to "Do it all" we don't! because we know, nobody knows it all.

We offer ON SITE, or In House service. So give us a call or drop your ailing P.C. by the shop and we will be happy to sort it out, normally within 1-2 business days.

For appointment call: 336-722-2126 or mailto:nick@crs2000.net




               HAS YOUR OLD P.C. QUIT ON YOU?    WE CAN RECOVER YOUR OLD DATA!   Give us a call.


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Computer Repair Services

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Computer Repair Services
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